Activities to Add into Your Working Day

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Make waiting time, moving time While waiting for the photocopier, printer, microwave or even the meeting room, take a little stroll, or do some small exercises ? you don?t have to a standstill. 3.Wear comfortable clothing Fashion is very important in the workplace, even subconsciously we all dress to impress while we are at work. A wall sits, squat or lunge can make all the difference. Read more:. There are a few things that can have a positive effect on your fitness levels. Use an app and track yourself Download an app, that tracks your steps, and set yourself a goal to reach every day. Use your lunchtime for activities take a walk, or instead of phoning your colleague in the other room, get up and talk to them instead. Start with your commute , or jump on a bike in the mornings! If you have to drive to get to work, maybe park slightly further away than usual and give yourself a brisk 10-minute walk to your office. Using the ball also helps , as well as core strength. 5. Here are some activities to add into your working day: 1. Use fitness balls at work Take a fitness ball to work, or ask if they can provide you with one. Wear less restrictive dresses or flat shoes instead of high ones, you?re more training equipment likely to change little bits of your day, like using the stairs instead of the lift. 2. Then spend some of your day not on your chair, but on your ball doing gentle exercises as you work.It is hard to fit exercise, or any form of activity into your working day? Especially when you are stuck at your desk working 8 hours a day, and deadlines are stacking up. 4. It?s a great start to adding some activity into the beginning of your day. If you get the train/underground get off a station before and give yourself the extra journey to walk

This results in your blood sugar levels fluctuating and also leads to type 2 . That isn?t a huge amount, and we dramatically eat a lot more than the recommended allowance. The bacteria that causes cavities love to eat sugar that is lingering in between your teeth after you?ve eaten that sweet treat! Your skin Sugar attaches itself to proteins in your bloodstream and creates molecules that are harmful, called ?AGE?s? (advanced glycation end) which does exactly what it sounds like. ? If you would like to learn more about what too much sugar in your diet can do to your body, have a read on Action on Sugar?s.Let?s be honest, we all love a sweet treat. ?Your heart Too much sugar in?your diet affects your arteries. It causes their walls to grow a lot faster, to get tense and adds stress to your and damages it over time. However, if you eat far too much sugar in your diet, your crashes can cause a lot more headaches for you. Your Teeth Your Mum was right, chocolate and sweets do rot your teeth. Studies show a high sugar intake is a leading cause of depression.Too much sugar in your diet impairs both your cognitive skills and your self-control. Take into account the , have a look at what you can swap your packet of crisps out for, and see if you can keep yourself from reaching for that biscuit tin. Read this blog post to find out our . This leads to heart attacks, and heart disease. ?Your weight This won?t be news to you, but the more sugar you eat in your diet, the more you are going to weigh. In the UK, women are advised to have 90g of a day (not including any natural sugars that are found in fruit and veg etc?), and men 120g per day. They attack the elastin in your skin, and damage the collagen which is what keeps you looking young and firm.Too much sugar in your diet ages your skin very fast. So, what does too much sugar in your diet do to your body? Your Brain Your brain?s reaction to sugar, is to release a huge surge of dopamine, a chemical that gives you that ?feel good? feeling that is so addictive, which will explain why you?ll want another treat, and another treat and another treat. Your liver Eating huge amounts of added sugar causes your liver to become resistant to insulin ? the hormone that helps turn sugar into energy in your bloodstream. Read more:? . ?Your mood The odd cookie can give you a quick burst of energy and raises your blood sugar fast, when your sugar levels drop, your cells absorb the sugar and that?s when you experience the sugar crash that leaves you feeling a bit dull

2. Talk about your feelings We?re not super humans. There is nothing wrong or weak about asking for help; there is a limit to how much people can cope with. Ask for help If you find yourself drowning with your workload, and unsure what to do, and you feel yourself beginning to panic, don?t. 4. But many people forget to ensure to keep an eye on their mental health in the workplace, and sometimes allow it to slip. All of which assists with our mental wellbeing remaining positive and in check. Try these tips to improve your mental health in the workplace. Most workplaces have started to introduce They are trained to listen when you feel like you aren?t coping and guide you towards professional help should you need it. 3. Eating regularly and choosing food that releases energy slowly will keep your blood sugar levels steady. Taking the time to go for a run, or a hike can give us the breathing space we need to organise our thoughts. Work is where you spend most of your time, and it is usually the environment that can cause the most stress. It isn?t a sign of weakness, it?s the power of taking charge of your own wellbeing and not allowing yourself to store up negative feelings. Keep active can have a tremendous impact on our mental wellbeing as well as physical. If your hasn?t yet implemented this, that?s okay, find someone who you trust and ask if they?d be happy to hear you vent for a moment or two. However, there are ways to manage these feelings and to keep on top of your mental wellbeing. 1. There are times when work gets the better of us and it becomes frustrating but that is okay! Therefore, it?s important to check on your mental wellbeing at work. Over time it also boosts our self-esteem, helps you concentrate, and better. Eat well It?s surprising how beneficial is for our mental health in the workplace. Instead of that makes your blood sugar rise and fall quickly, as they can leave you feeling irritable and depressed. Your colleagues are your team and you are all there to help each other out.Mental wellbeing at work is just as important as physical wellbeing, and the two tend to go hand in hand. Asking for assistance can destress you, and enable you to regain control over overpowering feelings. Ask for help

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